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Submitting a Member Recommendation Form is just one of the many ways you can help a chapter during recruitment. Information provided by alumnae and other members of Alpha Xi Delta help chapters recognize Alpha Xi Delta legacies and select strong women for membership in our organization. If you know an outstanding young woman who will be going through recruitment this year, please fill out the online form on the National Fraternity’s website, or you can download the form here and email it to


If you choose to download the form and fill it out, please make sure you have the newest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can obtain this for free at If you don’t update to the newest version of Adobe Reader, you may not be able to save the information you type onto the form.

Member Recommendation Form

Download Recommendation Form PDF


Recommendations can also be mailed to our Membership Vice President:

MarLee Busby

1619 R Street

Lincoln, NE 68508


An Alpha Xi Delta legacy is the granddaughter, daughter, sister, or niece of an Alpha Xi Delta member in good standing. Where there are equivalent step- or half- relations resulting from blended or other non-traditional family structures, a young woman is considered a legacy if the Alpha Xi Delta member considers her to be one and asks that she be considered as a legacy on the Potential Member Profile.