at University of Nebraska

Letter From Membership Vice President

Hey gal pals!!


I’m Abby Friedges, and I am the Membership Vice President of Rho Chapter. At UNL I study Advertising and Public Relations and Business. My home state is Minnesota (woop woop) and I am beyond excited to meet everyone this fall. I know everyone else in the chapter is pumped as well. We cannot wait to show you what Alpha Xi Delta means to us. Although recruitment week is emotional in different ways, it is 110% worth it in the end.


Alpha Xi Delta has truly shaped me into somebody I am proud of. Somebody I was deep down but needed support and encouragement along the way to get there. My support system runs deep in this chapter. Being surrounded by intelligent, brave, goofy, kind, and empowered women has made me all of those things. Over the past two years, I have met girls from not just around the nation, but around the world. Wherever you go, there will be a sister nearby. I have made so many amazing memories that I will cherish my whole life. Whether it be traveling to different states together or running to Chipotle for the 4th time in a week, there is always somebody by my side who cares about me. These girls are here for me on my good days and my bad. There is no better feeling than being loved and accepted for who you are.


This chapter is such an eclectic group of women that give off such positive vibes. We are all individuals but come together in a way I can’t even begin to describe. I am looking forward to standing on the front steps of Alpha Xi ready to show you what we are all about. Before coming to college, I knew absolutely NOTHING about sororities. Taking a chance and putting myself out there was the best decision of my life. I know how stressful and scary it is to be on your own for the first time. College is daunting at first but taking that chance to find your foundation is the best thing you can do to start yourself off on the right foot. With my whole heart, I hope every one of you finds your place. I hope you find comfort, fabulous friends, happiness, and motivation. We all feel these things in Alpha Xi Delta, and more.


Before I go, I will leave you with some advice. Be yourself. Being your true self is so empowering. Your power is that you are the ONLY you. You are unique. Don’t try to fit in or be someone you are not. Be who you want to be, not who someone else wants you to be. If you do just that, you will find your home without a doubt.


“If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected // Decide what to be and go be it”



Abby Friedges

Membership Vice President of Recruitment


If you have any questions, shoot me an email amfriedges@gmail.com