Alpha Xi Delta

Rho at University of Nebraska

Letter From Chapter President


My name is Linden Barnett and I am the Chapter President of Alpha Xi Delta Rho Chapter! I am going into my Junior year on the pre med track with majors in Biochemistry and Microbiology, and minors in Math and Psychology. 

Throughout high school I had always debated on whether to go greek in college. When the time came to fill our recruitment applications, I filled it out on a whim not really knowing what to expect. However after two years here at UNL I can truly say that joining Alpha Xi Delta was the best decision I have ever made. As someone who was terrified to go to an out of state university, having Alpha Xi Delta made this big campus feel like home. Recruitment is a terrifying process there is no denying that. However once you stick through that initial fear the rest becomes so exciting as you get closer and closer to the chapter that will hopefully become your home.

Joining Alpha Xi Delta has been the best experience of my life. At Alpha Xi Delta, I found a place where I can spend hours and hours laughing and talking in the dining room, I found people who will absolutely run the show at karaoke, I found people to ride razor scooters with around greek row, and I found people to study late with me night after night at louis pound hall.

    I truly believe there is nothing like this house and the girls that make it as great as it is. Alpha Xi Delta is full of the most genuine, kind, hilarious, and supportive girls I have ever met. I would not be where I am today without this house and the amazing people I have met. I have found people to support me in every aspect of my life, I found people who can make me laugh until I cry, I found people who travel in packs so you never have to go anywhere alone, and I found friends who inspire me and motivate me every day. Through Alpha Xi Delta I found myself and all of the potential I have and I hope through this recruitment process you all do too. I can’t wait to see you all at the castle soon!!


Linden Barnett, Chapter President

Please email me with any questions!