Alpha Xi Delta

Rho at University of Nebraska

Letter From Chapter President

Hi girlies!

My name is Keland Potthoff and I am honored to be Chapter President of the Rho Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Being from Nebraska my whole life, I was so excited to come to UNL and start a whole new chapter of my life. As a senior, looking back at the last three years of my life and all of my memories, almost 90% of them have involved being in the Panhellenic community. The choice you guys are making to go through recruitment is such a good one and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you this fall (even if it may be over a video call at first)!

Looking at the Panhellenic community as a Senior in high school – I definitely was intimidated. Would I be good enough? What if they don’t like me? I’m sure many of you have these same fears and questions thinking about recruitment this fall. Just know, no matter how stressful and overwhelming the process is, just take a deep breath and know that in the end, it will be more than worth it. If I had one piece of advice to give all of your beautiful women, it would be to go into each conversation with your whole heart and don’t hold back anything – your quirks, your humor, we love it all! Don’t ever change yourself in order to fit the mold of what you think we want to see; we just want your full authentic self. 

Being in Alpha Xi Delta has been the most life changing experience for myself in terms of my academics, my confidence, and my leadership skills. They say that you are a combination of the five people you most often surround yourself with, and wow, if I could be just 10% of all of my sisters that I get to spend every day with, I would be the luckiest, kindest, and, and genuine version of myself. Remember that these women you surround yourself with will be your mentors, role models, your 2 in the morning Taco Bell date, your bridesmaids, and your best friends. 

I am beyond excited to meet all of you, and I can speak on behalf of all of our sisters, that they are too! I can’t wait for you to find your home away from home and your support system for the rest of your life. 

With love,

Keland Potthoff

Chapter President


Please email me with any questions!