at University of Nebraska

Letter From Chapter President

Hi there,


My name is Rachel Novicki, and I am currently serving as the Chapter President of the Rho chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. As you look through our website and social media pages, I hope you can see a glimpse into what our sisterhood looks like. But that’s just it; it’s only looks. Anyone can have a feed of smiling faces and photos of amazing activities but the feeling, the feeling is what you can’t see. The feeling of belonging, the feeling of making a positive impact in the community, and the feeling of unbreakable friendship is what I, and so many others, have found here at Alpha Xi Delta.


I can truly say that I have found my home away from home here as cliché as it sounds. Living 10 hours from my actual home, I was truly on my own coming to college and I never once thought I would find somewhere that I would feel as comfortable as I did back home. But I was wrong, I found it. My no makeup, sweatpants, hair up kind of place where I am completely comfortable. Where I am free to be my authentic self and am encouraged to do so; the feeling to belong.


I have always had a passion for helping others and being a change in the community. To find others who will work right alongside me; with passion and constantly encouraging me to reach out of my comfort zone. The hours of dedicated services Alpha Xi Delta provides has been the most rewarding and eye-opening experience of my life. We are so blessed to be part of something so beautiful and are even more honored to serve others selflessly; the feeling of making a positive impact.


The women I have met in Alpha Xi Delta are role models, support systems, and cheerleaders each in their own way. I admire their individual passions for academics, serving others, and their undeniable love for each other. These women have changed the way I look at life and shown me what true friendship is like; the feeling of unbreakable friendship.


The transition into college is not easy. It comes with many trials and tribulations, but through it all, I hope you find your home. I hope you find it here at Alpha Xi Delta.


Xi Love,


Rachel Novicki


Rho Chapter President