Alpha Xi Delta

Rho at University of Nebraska

Legacy Policy

Effective July 29, 2020, Alpha Xi Delta has eliminated all preferential treatment given to legacies during the recruitment process. The previous policy stated that legacies must be invited through the first round of invitational events. In addition, any legacy who attended the chapter's Preference event had to be placed at the top of the bid list. All chapters will now treat legacies equally to all potential new members during recruitment.

Yes, legacies are still defined as any granddaughter, daughter, sister, or niece of an Alpha Xi Delta member in good standing, as well as step- or half-relations resulting from blended or other non-traditional family structures. Potential new members who meet our legacy definition will still be considered a legacy and celebrated after a bid is extended. However, chapters will no longer be permitted to give them preferential treatment throughout the recruitment process.

By making this change to our Legacy Policy, we want to ensure Alpha Xi Delta can be a welcoming Sisterhood to all women. In 1893 women were just starting to be invited to colleges and universities. While this was groundbreaking at the time, it’s important to remember that these opportunities were not afforded to those who were not White. Because of this, much of our history and membership has been based on the perspective and ideals of White members. In order to make lasting change to be more inclusive, Alpha Xi Delta is removing barriers for potential new members whose mothers, grandmothers, and sisters did not have the same access to higher education or the ability to join organizations like ours. We are most hopeful that this change will allow for greater opportunities for membership.