Alpha Xi Delta

Rho at University of Nebraska


Here at Alpha Xi Delta, we take pride in our dedication to academics.  For Spring 2021, our chapter average GPA was a 3.564 placing us above the all greek female average! The women of Alpha Xi Delta support each other to succeed and we have an extensive tutoring program in many different subjects.  Alpha Xi’s are involved in academic honor societies, study abroad opportunities, internships, Mortar Board, and Order of Omega, a Greek honor society, in addition to regular classwork.

“Value education because its power frees us to achieve any goal”
-The founders of Alpha Xi Delta



When I look back on my study abroad experience, I am filled with joy and gratitude thinking about the most amazing memories I created during my summer in Ireland. Not only did I complete all of my credits for my minor in Sociology, I made my best friends and I traveled all across Europe with them. I was immersed in the culture of Dublin and I completely felt like it was my second home. Studying abroad changed the way I look at the world and it was something I never thought I would have the chance to do, but with the guidance of my AXID sisters who studied abroad previously, I successfully went to a brand new country where I did not know a single person. I never could have experienced this crazy adventure without the support of my AXID sisters encouraging me to live life to the fullest.




I’ll never forget the day I convinced my good friend Kiley to study abroad in Florence with me for the summer. I was so excited she decided to come along with me and was genuinely ecstatic. that day I was eating dinner in the dining room at a table full of girls all chatting. Hannah was on the phone with her mom talking about plane tickets to Italy. I asked when she was going and it turned out her and 3 other sisters had all planned to study abroad  during the same at the same university and even the same exact class! It was literally fate


During our time in Italy together we travelled to Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice, and a small village in Tuscany. We spent every single day making the most of the amazing food, and beautiful architecture. it was truly the time of our lives.


I ended up staying longer than the other girls and had more of an adventure of my own traveling to parts of the Amalfi Coast, southern France and Monaco. Studying abroad was life changing and gave me experiences and different views on cultures which I would’ve never learned otherwise. it helped me to grow much more independent and confident in myself and things I am capable of.


In the time I got to be in Italy with all of my AXID sisters, our friendships grew much much stronger. Living in the house together initiated our friendship, but navigating Europe completely strengthened it. It’s not everyday someone gets to spend a summer abroad with 5 of their best friends, but i sure do wish it could be. Cheers to that summer I will never forget—Until next time Italy!


 To kick off my summer, 12 other CASNR students and I studied various agriculture topics abroad in France and Spain. We started in Avignon, a town in southern France. While there, we visited vineyards, a fruits & vegetables center, a lavender distillery, a goat farm where they made cheese, and went truffle hunting! It was very cool to get to shadow the professional truffle hunter and see a process that is kept very secret, because of the value of truffles.

Next, we traveled by bus to Girona, Spain where we stayed in a hostel. We were lucky enough to be in Girona during the famous annual Temps de Flors (Flower Festival) and see all of the beautiful flower displays set up around the city. Our tours in Girona included more wineries, a sausage plant that produced pork and turkey sausages, a world-renown food science center [IRTA], an olive oil farm, and cooking show of a traditional Spanish dish, paella. We also took side tours to Besalu, a medieval town, and to Costa Brava and the beach!

Our tours then took us to Barcelona, Spain. While there, we got to visit the Museu de Xocolata, a chocolate museum, where we learned about the history of chocolate and had a tasting of many different types of chocolate! The last bit of the trip was spent exploring Barcelona, and ended with two free days in Paris, where we got to see many historical and famous monuments, like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pont des Arts “love lock” bridge!


Last May Hillary trekked off to New York City on a study trip through the college of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design. She met with representatives from designers such as Armani, Anne Klein and Saks Fifth Avenue. Through these experiences she learned precisely what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry.

Hillary also studied abroad last summer in none other than France. The beach was just a 10-minute walk from her apartment! Hillary, the world traveler, went to see all of France on her study abroad trip. Even better, she visited Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Paris and Venice. To top off this epic summer adventure, Hillary will meet up with her parents in the stunning Prague after her study program is over, and then continue on to visit family in Germany. We’re proud of you, Hillary!


We spent over 42 hours getting to Yangling, China, which is in central China. We traveled by plane, sleeper train, and van. While there I attended agriculture and culture classes where I learned calligraphy, tai chi, kung fu, paper cutting, and of course the history and current state of Chinese agriculture. My favorite parts of the trip were staying at a hostel for a weekend in Xi’an. We got to meet backpackers from all over the world and it makes me excited to go backpacking in a few years! In Xi’an there was a wall around the city that I rode a bike around and we also got to explore the markets where I spent way too much money and even ran into Harvey Perlman (Chancellor of UNL) randomly because he was doing business there. At night, we also bumped into a group of 5 UNL Jazz musicians. It was wonderful.

Yangling, where we stayed for three weeks was a “small village” of 250,000 people. The town is filled with street vendors, fruit stands, and tall apartment buildings, no houses. After studying for three weeks we traveled by bullet train to Beijing. We took a ski lift to the Great Wall and then rode a toboggan down. Seeing the Great Wall was like a fairy tale. The structure is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. In China we also visited the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, Tianamen Square, and the Forbidden Palace. Now that I am home, I still use chopsticks and already miss having cute Chinese children run up and take pictures with me!



I am currently spending my summer in the greatest city in America…. our Nation’s Capitol, Washington DC! Chasing my dreams amongst many of the smartest people I have ever met. As a research intern for the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) based in Washington, D.C., my day-to-day tasks include and are not limited to formatting news articles, compiling daily morning front news pages, clipping and transcribing televised news segments, and updating our trackers, all for rapid news alerts on all upcoming senatorial races for the 2016 election cycle. It’s incredible to have face-to-face time with with ‘big name’ politicians you’ve seen on TV, but never dreamed you would hand them a diet coke on their lunch break. Other than my busy, 40 hour work week, I have been spending time covering as much historical ground in the tri-state area (Washington, Virginia, Maryland) as I can. Mentally preparing myself & getting wildly excited for the upcoming 2016 election!



I am working for a company with 10,000 employees and I was lucky enough to be one of the 81 interns Black & Veatch hired internationally. All summer I’ve been working on a project titled Jordan Cove Liquefaction plant. It is the first of it’s kind on the west coast. This increases the efficiency with which natural gas is transported. My responsibilities were to analyze the entire plant (which is MASSIVE) and gather all information. The plant has been being designed for 10 years! My group is in charge of things like roads, piping, fire protection, earthwork, and seeding. I also compiled all of our data into organized binders that will travel to Oregon and be used on site to reference while they’re building. I was “the lead on the Material Take Off Binders” project.

I was also the project manager for a service project all interns were required to complete. I researched charities in the area and organized a group of 10 to volunteer at the Boy and Girls Club. We then presented about our experiences in an auditorium for the higher-ups of the company.